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leonardo at other ages

As promised… Leonardo as a boy, a young man, and then as he aged through to the last known self-portrait. The almost invisible date in the bottom right hand corner of this famous image is 1525 (six years after he was supposed to have died). Elsewhere in the drawing he tells of his many travels, pouring scorn by comparison on Christopher Columbus (whose mouth secretly doubles as Leonardo’s left eye, his chin as the bag beneath, nose as a wrinkle in his brow, and eyes as dots on his forehead). Painstaking examination of the top left corner, where he faked a tear in the parchment also reveals a face peeping out, and faint text. The old theory has always been troubled. Leonardo was born in 1452, and so in 1512, the date experts claim for the drawing, he would have been 60. In 1525, though, he would have been 73. Which age do you think he looks?

Me too.