Aly was born in 1492, the son of a Moorish slave and a famous artist, and in 1510 after violently defending an 11 year-old boy from a predatory Pope, he fled to the Caribbean. There he found the European invaders committing such atrocities, barbarities and crimes, that their infamy would eclipse that of Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, or even Hitler himself. He fought back, and indeed kept fighting back for the rest of his eighty years: eight monarchs, two popes, an archbishop and the most notorious European invader in history all fell to his hand, silently, as if they had died the most natural of deaths.

His battle began, though, in Hispaniola, when, disguised as a Dominican friar, he denounced the Spanish Viceroy for his genocide, humiliating him in public, and all his leading colonizers along with him. He then returned to Spain and faced down the King himself, in an attempt to get laws passed to protect the native peoples of the

Even though he died 500 years ago, after many years of painstaking research it has at last been possible to give Aly his own website, and there you can find the passionate words with which he damned the Viceroy, Columbus’ son, and can know what this very first African-American warrior was made of…