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…eleven of the following twelve statements are true:

  • Columbus faked his death in 1506, was poisoned in 1525, and his son was wrongly blamed.
  • Edward V survived the Tower and was sent to his Aunt in Belgium, who found him a post in the retinue of Pope Innocent VIII. He took the name ‘Andrea Doria’.
  • Leonardo married the sister of the biggest slave trader in Europe, and had many famous children by her, all given to foster parents to raise.
  • The Mona Lisa was painted in Hispaniola, and depicts Leonardo’s granddaughter.
  • On completing the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo put poison in the wine of the man who forced him to do it. Pope Julius II died shortly after.
  • The first four Tudor Monarchs were all murdered: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary I. By different people, for different reasons.
  • Bess of Hardwick was born to Anne Boleyn while she was secluded in Hever Castle, seemingly playing hard to get. She was Elizabeth I’s pre-nuptial sister.
  • The Earl of Surrey was set up by his portrait painter, the painting being the key evidence that got him executed in 1547.
  • It was no accident that Queen Mary and her chief minister, Reginald Pole died within twelve hours of each other in 1558.
  • Queen Elizabeth I had a black love-child in 1557 that she named ‘Robert’.
  • She also had a special reason for keeping Robert Dudley close to her, and it had little to do with romance.
  • The reason I vanished for two years was to write and publish a book with all this as the setting: it’s about Michelangelo’s son, who was one of the kingpins in all this intrigue. It came out on April 8th: the Kindle ebook at $2.99, and the paperback at $19.95 (700 pages).

So – fact or fiction? Did you guess right?


‘Eleven of the following twelve are true’… this was fiction, not fact. In fact all twelve are true. Click on the book cover to check it out!