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I mentioned a new website in a previous post, one that provides a vast amount of information gleaned from the hidden inscriptions on the old masters, a perfect background for the new book, Aly, Michelangelo’s Son

Here’s a glimpse at some of the pages: click on any one to go there…

A brief description of the new book, with links to more detailed pages

Reviews of the book – only one so far – early days yet!

The introduction that appears at the start of the book

A brief word on the author, Peter Cane

What to look for in the book – its many layers!

The background to the book, with links to its four main aspects: Likenesses, Family Trees, Timelines, and the Hidden Secrets lurking in the Old Masters…

An example from the Likenesses section, showing Michelangelo from boy to old man. A total of 66 different characters from the book are included!

The second section is of Family Trees, of which there are no less than 15…

The next is of Timelines, showing how different aliases of the same person interweave and dovetail, explaining much that was previously inexplicable. Here we have the timeline for ‘Amerigo Vespucci’, and his other aliases, giving an idea why the continent of America was named after him, and why the last portrait of him shows a man in his eighties, while history books say he died at 58.

And then, to wind up (for now!), there are may examples of hidden material in paintings of the period, just in case you ever hear anyone say this is all the product of a fertile imagination!

And if all you want is to buy the book… just click below for the Kindle ebook version (1000 pages), or for the Paperback (700 pages)! These take you to Amazon USA, but if you are in the UK, go to Amazon.co.uk. Both sites have both the ebook and the paperback. For the ebook only try Amazon.in if you are in India, or Amazon,ca for Canada, or in general your own country’s Amazon!

 Kindle: $4.99:                                      Paperback $19.95: